Definition of Plot. Plot is a literary term used to describe the events that make up the story, or the main part of the story. These events relate to each other in a pattern or sequence.

The Plot

After looking back over the past in your Backstory; seeing where the balance is (or is not) through the Synopsis; after uncovering, through the Character Study, your great strengths and values, and understanding perception and how the mind works… and then using all of that to craft a statement that represents the essence of you, moving into your Third Act through The Set… finally.


We are ready to start the process of creating the blueprint for your Third Act.

Step One:
Your Mid-Century, Modern-Life Plan

The Mid-Century, Modern-Life Plan is the blueprint for your Third Act. You will begin by contemplating old rules that defined your past and create new rules for moving forward. Next, you will go through each area of the Wheel of Life previously explored in your Synopsis, thought this time from a different perspective. Now, you will craft specific visions, consider ramifications and begin the process of defining the steps to move from vision to reality.

After defining a clear set of goals to get you started, you will be brought through an exercise that moves beyond intention setting and into the beginning of vibrational alignment.

This is the largest workbook in the program. Take your time and do the work! Once completed, you will have an actual plan to move forward consciously into the Third Act of your dreams.

Digging Deeper