How This Program Works


The program is pretty self-explanatory. Since it is a member site, you will need to log in each time you visit (so make sure that your username and password are easily accessible.

After this page, you will be led to set and intention for your work and then led to the Blueprint:


The Blueprint is where each of the 6 modules can be accessed. (You can also access the modules from the side navigation.) Please do the modules in order. The program has a progression, and the work of each leads to what’s next.

The Modules

Each module has an introductory video, a workbook, and a video to view upon completion of the module. The majority of the work is within these workbooks, as they will lead you through an exploration of who you are and what you want, moving forward. There are videos at the beginning of each module that will describe the work of the module.

A few of the modules have online forms to fill out - the information in these forms will NOT be shared or saved, and you will receive the information by email.


Beginning with the Character Study (Module 3), and through the remaining modules of this program you will find a new section. Digging Deeper provides a fascinating look into the process of creating your life, from the inside out. You will gain an understanding of how the mind works; what is holding you back from creating what you desire; and the steps to take so that nothing stands in your way. This is the foundation upon which you will start the process of building your Third Act.

(I created these presentations using a very cool app named Prezi - to make sure that both the video and audio components work smoothly, please install the Prezi viewer app)

Prezi View App - for iOS Devices. Prezi Viewer App - Apps on Google Play

Social Media

I have set up social media accounts for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page is a private group meant to facilitate dialogue and community - where we can share our experience of the program and ask questions. If you are not on social media, no worries - just contact me directly (through the email icon at the top of the page) as anything comes up.

Blog Posts

Check out the Blog Posts - I will be writing consistently and it will be another vehicle for us to use in dialoguing/communicating. You can access the blog through the side navigation.

Individual Coaching Sessions

I designed this course as a mechanism for women to - in effect - coach themselves. But this is a very in-depth program, and should take you a while to work your way through. And so, at times you may feel that you need a bit of extra support (or you may simply want to give yourself the gift of a coaching session.)

  • Individual coaching session: $250

  • One on one coaching (2 sessions per module): $5,000

If you would like to set either type of session with me at any point, simply click on the email icon throughout the site. Even if it’s just to say ‘hey.’

Wishing you a wonderful journey as you create the blueprint for your Third Act!

~ Jeanmarie