Your Mid-Century, Modern Life Plan…

Is in the works. Let me be the (maybe) first to congratulate and CELEBRATE the magnificence that is you as you make your way through your Third Act. I hope that everything you learned about yourself continues to inspire you forward, and that the path unfolds for you in a way that is filled with joy, peace, love and adventure. Because truly, isn’t it really just that… a great adventure?

What Now?

As with every great achievement, there should be gifts. And so, here is my gift to you. In honor of the work you have done, and in gratitude for taking part in this work, I offer you a downloadable copy of my book!

The Vibe-a-Thon
Creating Your Life From the Inside Out


From the back cover of the book:

“The Vibe-a-Thon provides a practical approach to creating your life from the inside out. Through the book, you’ll come to understand what you perceive you receive and how your mind limits your range of perception. Applying teachings from yoga, scientific research, and my personal experience of mindful creating, the Vibe-a-Thon provides tools to break through your limitations and take charge of both the direction and the quality of your life.”