The Blueprint

Welcome to your Third Act! These modules will lead you through the process of creating your Mid-Century, Modern-Life Plan - and to what will be your BEST phase. 

The program works best if you go through the modules in order. Each module will contain short videos and/or presentations, downloadable exercises and shorter exercises to fill in online (your form submissions will be emailed directly back to you).

Take your time and ENJOY! This work is meant to be a celebration of YOU!

~ J




Who you are is a compilation of every thought, word and experience you have had to this point. And in the same way that we can't set a course to a destination without a starting point, neither can we move consciously into the Third Act without understanding what preceded it.

As you probe into each of the decades of your life, you will see it all - the good, the bad and the ugly. Viewing it from the present will provide a fantastic vantage point… and an opportunity to see how it has all combined to create the magnificence that is you.

Here is where we begin. 


The Wheel of Life has been around for approximately one thousand years. It represents your life, the whole of you. The pieces of the pie - or spokes of the wheel - are the parts of your life: the areas, roles, or aspects of the whole.

The gift of the Wheel is identifying the level of balance you are experiencing in your life now. To see where your satisfaction levels are - which, in the second half of this program will very directly help you figure out what you want your Third Act to be.

character study

What are your primary character strengths? Your deepest values? Uncovering these will constitute the final steps in understanding who you are, as you step into your Third Act.

Through Digging Deeper into the 2-Fold Process of Creating Your Life from the Inside Out, Perception & Creativity and Components of Perception, you will more clearly understand perception, specifically in how it relates to you in your daily life. The more you understand why you perceive the way that you perceive, the more you will be able to take charge of your perception to create the things you desire in your Third Act. 


The Set

Here you will craft your Set… the mind-frame and more subtle backdrop that will allow the plan you envision for your Third Act to come to magnificent fruition.

Through Digging Deeper into The Mind & How it Works, Vibing & Choice, and Why Meditation? you will continue to refine your understanding of exactly how to create your life from the inside out.

In The Set, you will begin to define your blueprint for your Third Act, utilizing the information gleaned from the previous modules.

It’s all coming together!


The plot

And finally… we are ready to start the creative process. After looking over the past in your Backstory, seeing where the balance is (or is not) through the Synopsis… uncovering your great character strengths and values and understanding perception and how the mind works, and then crafting a statement that represents the essence of you, moving into your Third Act…we begin.

Digging Deeper into Presence & Mindfulness and exploration into Evidence, Contrast & Disallowing Beliefs will facilitate the vibrational alignment that will get you ready to move toward action.

Here you will create the blueprint for your Third Act. You will define both vision and goals for each area of your life and begin the process of lining yourself up with what you truly desire.

Taking the Stage

Your Mid-Century, Modern-Life Plan is in the books. You have envisioned a Third Act that is purely individual. Now you take the first steps toward making your goals a reality.

Digging Deeper into understanding Action & Opportunity and Allowing to fine tune the mindset for successful creation of your next magnificent phase.

It’s time to take action… which for many, can be the time when all momentum crumbles like dust. In Taking the Stage you will be guided to set goals, create action steps and define the support that will get you out from behind the scenes to take the stage. It’s time for you to shine!