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Breaking up...

… is hard to do!

There are some women who I have become a bit too interested in. On social media. I either don’t know these women at all or haven’t been in touch with in a dog’s age. And in the case of the latter, they were a brief part of my experience on this earth. Our lives went their separate ways many years ago.

If there were no such thing as social media (oh, the joy!), I most likely would never have the inclination to think about them.

Yet there they are. In my Instagram feed. On Facebook. Displaying the wonders that combine to create a shiny vision of their world and their life.

And so I look, from my own space of current vulnerability. Because I’m creating something new - and inherent within the infancy of anything is a sense of unknowing. Of insecurity.

Human beings are hard-wired to compare ourselves to others. It’s tied in to our drive for survival. But it can also keep us centered outside ourselves. We get caught up in what others are doing and lose focus on what we want.

I wish all those who I have been a bit fascinated with the best of luck. I think they are on to great things. But I am too. And so, I fear I must break up. I have to let go of looking at them… because in the long run, it will keep me focused within and feeling better about myself and what I’m doing.

How about you? Do you find yourself drawn to others on social media? Have you felt the need to “break up” with any?

The constant in change

What are we?