the Mcml plan empowers women in early-mid and mid-life transitions to re-define their lives in ways that are aligned with who they are and what they desire...making the Third act the best yet.

What are we?


I have been participating in a marketing workshop these past few weeks. It’s magnificent. And it’s exactly what I need to be doing at this stage of developing the program you are journeying through. Because getting this program out to as many women as possible seems to be my purpose (it is most definitely my passion)

There is an assignment every other day, each helping us analyze our desired market and begin to craft message and strategy. We post what we’ve come up with, and give feedback to each other. The group is large (over 1,000 I think) and very diverse. And the feedback process has been supportive and positive, helpful and enlightening.

Last week, we posted what our promise was that we are making. I offered this:

Women who go through my program will gain a deep sense of their magnificence drawn from unique experience… purpose that is aligned with who they are now… and a plan to create their Third Act.

A woman asked me, “what is third act? I i’d interpret it as cronehood - as in maiden, mother, crone.”

I answered that it was the phase in between mother and crone… but it got me thinking. What is this phase? Clearly, those others have been defined, but this is something new. What is it?

I say Goddess.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Breaking up...

What a good idea...