the Mcml plan empowers women in early-mid and mid-life transitions to re-define their lives in ways that are aligned with who they are and what they desire...making the Third act the best yet.

Setting Intention

I wrote in Vibe-a-Thon that humans are intentional beings. We literally create our lives through intention. The motivation to get out of bed in the morning, to have the cup of coffee, to get things done are all the off-shoot of intention.

We set it in our mind first. And then the action follows.

This isn’t mere philosophy. It’s scientific fact.

What is your intention for the work you do here? The program begins with the space for you to explore that, in the Prologue. To create the beginnings of a plan that will allow you to dig deep. To look at what has made you who you are, where that has led you to… and what you truly desire now.

Do the work. Set it in your mind first. The action will follow….

That Day