the Mcml plan empowers women in early-mid and mid-life transitions to re-define their lives in ways that are aligned with who they are and what they desire...making the Third act the best yet.

The constant in change

What is unchanging, when everything is changing?

We have to move. Knew it it would happen someday, when our landlord’s daughter moved back from California with her family. But in the same way that you know something undesirable is on the horizon, I held this possibility very much at bay. Like, if I don’t think about it, it will never come to pass.

(if you were to imagine me right now with my eyes closed and my hands on my ears while reciting loud gibberish so as not to hear, you’d be about right)

Our landlord - our friend - told us last week. And so we start the process of finding a new home. Temporary, because we don’t know where we want to “wind up” yet.

So there’s change. And then there’s more change.

We experience change constantly. It’s the premise of the program that you are going through - life has changed, and now what?

There is the you - going through the process of change… and then there is the you who is witness to it. If you practice yoga and/or meditation - or any contemplative practice, really - you have probably experienced the Witness. The deeper part of you that is unaffected, undisturbed. Fully present.

That’s the you to hold on to as you go through transition. The other you - the thinking, feeling, doing you - is going to act. Is going to create. Is going to plan for the Third Act. But the more you connect with the Witness as you make your way through this process, the more aligned the work you do here will be.

Aligned with what? With the deepest, most truthful part of you.

Years ago, I was leading a teacher training in Mallorca. One night, there was a tremendous storm. Thunder and lightning the likes of which I had never experienced. Unable to sleep, I lay in bed with the covers up by my ears and watched. And I imagined what it might have been like, on a ship in the Mediterranean in a storm like that in - say - the 17th century. There would be no anchor. The ship would only survive if it was allowed to move freely along the insanity of the elements - and even more so, if the person navigating the ship was calm. Was focused. Was present.

When everything is changing. When everything feels tumultuous and uncertain - there is a constant. The constant is you.

So hold on!

Breaking up...