the Mcml plan empowers women in early-mid and mid-life transitions to re-define their lives in ways that are aligned with who they are and what they desire...making the Third act the best yet.

Every day... in every way

I have made a choice. Or - more accurately - made the choice again. To see the world as wonderful and possible and filled with little miracles every day. I am literally making a practice of saying the following:

Every day

In every way

I am being showered with miracles.

You may think it’s a silly little mantra. Maybe it is. But I repeated it this morning as I meditated. When I finished, I poured myself a cup of coffee and joined Chris in the living/dining room. Walked over to the window to see the accumulation of snow from last night… and found this:


It is a practice to see the world as wonderful. That we are being showered with miracles every day, in every way. But we are. Breath in our lungs is a fucking miracle. Snow, falling from the sky and blanketing the ground is a miracle.

Our work? Our work is to witness the miracle. Even those that seem infinitesimal. That’s how we pave the way for the big ones that we are on our way to create in the Third Act.

What a good idea...

Who are you?