Human beings are hard-wired to compare ourselves to others.It’s tied in to our drive for survival. But it can also keep us centered outside ourselves. We get caught up in what others are doing and lose focus on what we want.

This is what I heard, over and over, at the Wellness Fair yesterday. The fair was open to the employees of Virginia Tech and I was interested, optimistic and curious to see how women would react to the program.

It is a practice to see the world as wonderful. That we are being showered with miracles every day, in every way. But we are. Breath in our lungs is a fucking miracle. Snow, falling from the sky and blanketing the ground is a miracle.

We all have those days. Yesterday, I was struggling - or maybe resisting - the fact that the day was going to play out differently than I intended. And there was nothing I could do about it, because there were other priorities that were time-sensitive and needed to be addressed. So when Granny walked out of her room, I let go. I moved into the present moment. I enjoyed the present moment.

What is your intention for the work you do here? The program begins with the space for you to explore that, to create the beginnings of a plan that will allow you to dig deep. To look at what has made you who you are, where that has led you to… and what you truly desire now.